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Security Awareness in Fragile/Hostile Events & Environments (SAFHEE®) is

a comprehensive approach to safety and security training for individuals and organisations working in volatile and unpredictable environments.

Trademarking our narrative has allowed us to standardise our courses, while differentiating complex events and environments.


We want to help individuals and organisations identify the appropriate training for managing and mitigating risk.


Varying levels of expertise among training companies and the lack of a universal standard for course content have resulted in a lack of consistency and confusion for HEAT and SAFE courses.

There has been a blurred measure for what defines a fragile and hostile environment, which has led to inadequate courses being tailored in an attempt to meet client needs. As a result, individuals and organisations are not adequately equipped to tackle the challenges of their respective field(s) and the overall safety risks remain unpredictable.

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The development of knowledge and decisive actions that facilitate effective outcomes in environments where hostility and means are a direct threat to own personal safety and there is a complete breakdown of security and infrastructure.


Navigating the transition of volatile regions where complex threats and hazards are a natural product of conflict.


Being alert to the security and operational needs to build a regional structure around personal safety and repatriation, while supporting common unity and preventing trafficking proliferation and systemic crimes that arise from volatile regions.


The protection from, or resilience against the perceived and identified threats found in environments where political stability is frail in supporting security and infrastructure.


Discuss your respective field and needs


Our courses have been designed and developed by subject matter experts and experienced teachers. Research and ground-truth has informed our content, enabling a powerful and engaging learning experience that has gracefully aged through our ongoing work and the feedback from learners.


*SAFHEE® is a registered trademark of COMERA RISK

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