Our team of security consultants, with backgrounds in private security, intelligence, diplomatic protection and the military, will draw on their wide pool of experience to provide you with specialist, actionable advice. If necessary, they will also recommend any training or security services you may require.


We work with individuals and organisations in the public and private sectors. We are well placed to advise on a variety of security issues. 

Whether you’re travelling abroad to a fragile country or you're a public figure looking to manage your safety, sometimes you need expert advice on security. Our multidisciplinary team of risk and security consultants can help you with this. They combine years of operational experience with our ‘consult, train, deliver’ approach to provide actionable advice, train you to be more risk aware and help you avoid potentially dangerous situations.

For more information about the advice and consultancy that we offer, get in touch and our team of consultants will advise on the best options for you.