We can provide coaching, training and consultation on how to fulfill your duty of care to your employees wherever they are travelling. Our consultants have operated in locations ranging from the relatively safe to the extremely hostile and can advise appropriately. This may include plans for ensuring your employees’ safety during travel and training on what to do if something goes wrong. If you’re relocating employees to hostile environments, we offer bespoke training on safety awareness which is used by private and public sector organisations, including the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. 

As an employer, you have a duty of care to your employees who are travelling abroad. Failure to fulfil your duty of care obligations can lead to consequences including reputational damage, employee dissatisfaction, increased turnover and even legal action. In fact, over 80% of corporate travel buyers cited their duty of care as their number one priority. Recent events demonstrate that even traditionally safe travel locations can quickly become more hazardous and understanding your duty to employees is essential, wherever they’re travelling. We can help you to do this. 

The benefits of understanding and planning around your duty of care to your travelling employees are enormous. Our services will help you to effectively support your employees should a problem occur when they’re abroad and give you an assurance that their own responses will be effective, safe and in line with your risk mitigation strategy. Get in touch for more information.