We can provide a variety of training to help you keep yourself safe in a dangerous situation. This includes training on basic safety skills such as conflict de-escalation, self defence, first aid and situational awareness, as well as more specific training for those travelling to volatile environments. This may include training on reacting to a carjacking, hostage situation or surveillance but, where our trainers have identified a particularly high level of risk, they will advise on the appropriate level of training.

According to the 2019 England and Wales Crime Survey, there were around 1.3 million incidents of violence that year. Those with a high net worth and those travelling overseas may face additional threats of violence and theft. Knowing how to react when faced with a dangerous situation can save you from injury, damage to property and even loss of life.

Our instructors, with backgrounds in private security, intelligence, diplomatic protection and the military, can provide you with the training you need to detect risks and stay safe in a crisis, drawing on their experience to develop a training package that is tailored to the risks you face. According to recent feedback, over 99% of our students were satisfied or very satisfied with our training courses.

For more information about our training options, get in touch and our team of consultants will advise on the best solution for your you.