According to one recent survey, 80% of companies’ travellers experience a medical or security issue while abroad. This can cause disruption to business and can be a terrifying experience for travellers, particularly where they feel there are not the right measures in place to safeguard them. Our digital travel safety solution gives you the tools you need to ensure your employees are safe and secure while travelling and reassure travellers that you’re there to support them if something goes wrong. 



Our software uses state of the art technology to ensure your employees’ safety while they travel. Our intelligent check-in software allows you to keep track of your employees without intrusive monitoring, We use artificial intelligence to produce risk assessments and training profiles tailored to the needs of each traveller. Our real-time data feed tracks events that may increase travel risk and our software can feed data directly to your crisis response team in the event of an incident.

This suite of tools will help you to predict the risks an employee might face while travelling, ensure that they’re fully prepared and trained before they go, know where they are throughout their trip and, should something go wrong, to react quickly and effectively. To find out more about how we can help, get in touch