Natural disasters can be extremely damaging. According to data from 2015, the average estimated annual cost to the UK of natural disasters is £1.3 billion. When a disaster strikes, preparedness is essential for businesses in ensuring continuity and to responders in ensuring that they can respond in a rapid, effective manner.

Our experience tells us that there is an urgent need to properly link humanitarian response to disaster preparedness and risk reduction through effective training, planning and organisation. This saves lives, is cost–effective, builds resilience, and is central to our approach to disaster response.



Our team of consultants can help you prepare for natural disasters and build resilience within your organisation. We can provide training on the skills which are necessary for an effective response and support on the ground should a disaster occur. This might include personnel supporting your assets or agents on the ground and provision of security and logistics support.


Our team has previously been deployed abroad, including to the British Virgin Islands, and can operate across the globe. 

For more information about how we can help you prepare for or respond to a natural disaster, get in touch and our consultants will advise on the best training solutions for your organisation.